Feliz Año Nuevo!

It’s New Years Eve! Time to get together with friends, get dressed up and drink to health and happiness in the new year.

Also time to impress your friends with your knowledge on tequila and no need for salt and lime! But while you’ve got a new penchant for the nectar of the agave plant, NYE is a night for cocktails! And of course, the easier to prepare, the better, because you’ve got to hit the dancefloor, not get stuck at the bar! A margarita is just out of the question. What’s a tequila lover to do?


la paloma


The Southern Californian in me loves this drink, and it is SUCH an easy prep that you will wonder why you’ve never heard of this before. Oddly enough, this tequila mix is more popular in Mexico and Latin America than the Margarita. One taste and you’ll know why!


For the mixologists out there that are true to form, you can check out the recipe at eatliverun.com.

However, if you’re at a house party (like I’ll be!) tonight and the idea of bringing a cocktail shaker and rim salt is a bit much, than you’ll want to follow my family’s signature recipe, which you can get right here!

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